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Irrigation Systems

Grace Irrigation offers an array of services that are designed to help you solve your problem.

New System Design and Installation:

Is dependent upon many factors such as soil conditions, shade tree canopy, wind and available water supply. Our engineering staff is able to custom design a system that will provide the proper coverage needed for the conditions present. Quality engineering promotes a healthy lawn by designing a system to deliver necessary precipitation to the lawn. It will also minimize water waste and run off thus saving you money.

Our crews have the experience, expertise and equipment to install your new system in an efficient manner. Generally most of our new systems installs are completed within seven business days of your acceptance and authorization.

A properly designed system promotes a healthy green lawn, by putting water where it needs to be while not wasting water and money.

Existing System, Renovation and Retro Fit

Over time landscape use changes. The shrubs that were once knee high when planted are now mature and much taller. Trees that were once small saplings are now shading large areas. Patios, portable sheds and other structures are now obstructing sprinkler coverage (water is not getting to the right places). Our renovation and retro fit services can improve the coverage of your existing system to like new performance at substantial savings compared to the cost of designing and installing a replacement system.

Inspection and Maintenance

Over time system performance can degrade. Dirt, sand and other impurities in water can clog nozzles, heads and valves. This can lead to dry spots and dead spots in the lawn. Other failures may cause an entire zone not to operate. A large area of dead grass or shrubs is often the result. Our inspection and maintenance services are a great way to ensure peak system performance and help maintain your green lawn.

Repair Service

All sprinkler systems contain many individual components: the controller, valves, piping, wiring, back flow preventer, rain sensor and possibly a pump. Each of these individual components are subject to various hazards. An act of nature such as a lightning strike, or someone digging in the yard can both cause damage to system components. For instance tilling can damage heads, piping and wiring. When your system needs repair we can help. Our service team will determine what the problem is. We then offer solutions as to what steps are necessary to correct it.

  • Head replacement
  • Broken pipes
  • Valves repair
  • Wire tracing
  • Controller replacement
  • Sprinkler pump service
  • Backflow preventers
  • Zone Additions

Pump Service

Over time as pumps wear out, they begin to produce less water which can result in dry dead spots in the yard. Repair or replacement of an aging pump can help bring your system up to its capacity. We service most shallow well pumps, including Myers, Gould, Sta-Rite and Berkeley.